Kugitang Nature Reserve


Kugitang Nature Reserve was opened in 1986. It is situated on the western slope of the Kugitang Mountains, a spur of Gissars range of the great mountain system Pamiro-Alay. The territory of the Reserve is 27,139 hectares. The name of the Kugitang (Koytendag in Turkmen) mountains comes from the Persian “kuhi” and Turkic “teng” and means “almost impassable mountains”. The mountain terrain is cut with numerous valleys and deep canyons.
In this area one can see the highest point in Turkmenistan – the peak Airy Baba (3,137 metres), a grandiose canyon “Um-bar Depe” with 28 m waterfalls, “The Plateau of Dinosaurs” with 438 footprints of Dinosaurs, a unique hydrogen sulphate water spring “Kainar Baba”, canyon “Kyrk gyz”, and karst caves. In this region, there are many examples of unique Kugitang flora and fauna.