Saiod Village (Khatlon Province)


Nowadays more than 300 tepes and ancient towns of 9-12th centuries are situated on the territory of Tajikistan. The unique monument of this epoch, the oriental mausoleum of Hodja Mashhad complex in Saiod Village is inimitable because of its unusual plan – it is square outside and octagonal inside.
This mausoleum was built in the 10th century; its first construction contained only one central house. In the 11-12th centuries new cupola-shaped structure having blank decorative arcade was added. The new structure was ornamented with splendid brickwork and terracotta fretwork. The cupola-shaped structure was connected with the first building by the portal, behind that being the brick-laid arch.

The mausoleum of Hodja Sarboz (11-12th centuries) was built of raw brick. It has square planning and cupola-shaped ceiling containing eight arch punditrie and apertures.