Turgen Gorge


One of the most picturesque places in the environs of Almaty, the Gorge plunges 44 km deep to the vast Assy plateau. It is blessed with coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, lakes and springs, medicinal herbs and wild raspberries. The Gorge is famous for its waterfalls. You can find fossils among the rocks at the base of the waterfall. The Medvezhny (Bear) waterfall is 30 km high, while Bozgul is a powerful flood of water that has worn away an entire tunnel in the rock. The specially protected Chin-Turgen mossy fir forests, the only ones surviving in the Tien-Shan, are also to be found here.
Turgen Gorge is an archaeologist’s dream. Along its entire length, but particularly at Assy, there are many ancient tombs and burial mounds. Graves from the Saka, Usun and Mongol periods have been discovered, testifying to human presence in this valley over 5,000 years ago.